Burtec Ice Yetti Wheel Cover

Burtec Ice Yetti Wheel Cover

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Yetti wheel covers are designed to cover the entire plastic wheel well molding with the strike plates attaching to the siding. This design gives you a much better seal as well as a much better adhesion for the steel strike plates. All strike plates are powder coated for rust protection and are color matched to siding colors to the best of our ability. If you have a split color house please list front (hitch) color first. Example: Red / Black.

Due to manufacturing changes in siding. After you have placed your order with us we are requesting a side picture of your house to determine where your color split is located.  Please email with name and picture.

Please indicate the exact measurements needed for your house. 
H: Top edge of trim to bottom of frame.
W: Outside edge of trim to outside edge of trim.

Wheel covers come as a pair.

Please allow 4-5 weeks for shipment.